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Product Care / Cleaning

Vegetable leather
The vegetal leather has rich texture and it is saturated with natural dyes. Its hand made finish with natural oils and ingredients makes it smooth and nice to touch. It is not recommended to use any cleaning products as they may ruin the natural surface. Protect from water and other liquids which can leave marks on the leather.
Croco and snake print
The leather is highly embossed with relief really close to the authentic skin. Usually these leathers are colored with two or more shades which make the appearance rich and real. The leathers are tanned in a way that they keep their calfskin’s characteristics. Protect your product from moisture, direct sunlight as the bright colors may fade. You can clean the leather with soft, dry cloth. 
The suede is made from the under side of the leather and it is extremely soft and supple. We recommend brushing your suede handbag with a soft suede brush every three to four months to remove any accumulated dirt and to renew nap. If your suede handbag should get wet, remove all contents and leave it to dry naturally.
Patent Leather (Slick) 
The patent leather is tanned in the traditional manner but during the finish varnish is laid on and additional processes to create the polished and smooth face of the leather. Contact with other leathers should be avoided as the colour may rub slightly. On the leather should not be applied any creams, oils and gels. If you have to clean your product made of patent leather use dry, smooth cloth and gentle moves.

Sizes and Measure 

Our belts are offered in the following sizes: 
        Woman belts:
               85cm; 95cm; 105cm; 115cm
        Man belts:
               95cm; 105cm; 115cm; 125cm
The Size of the belt is the distance from the tip of buckle to the middle whole in the other end of the belt. You can see the different measurements of the belt on the drawing beneath. Many of our belts can be shortened easily even by you but of course it best to buy the perfect size so here are our advises on how to determine your belt size. 
When you are deciding on a belt size it is best to do the following things:
1. Decide whether you are going to wear the belt on your:
        - waist - usually the smallest circumference, just above the hips 
        - lower - e.g. on the hips where usually you need bigger size belt
2. Take your measurement on the place where you want to wear the belt and write down the number
3. If you want the belt to be loose please add the needed length
4. Have in mind that the Size/measurement of the belt is in centimeters. For inch please check the table beneath
Here is a small table which can guide you when determining a belt size but please take in to account the instructions above:
Woman belts
Your measurement     80-90cm        90-100cm     100-110cm     110-120cm
Belt size                          85cm               95cm             105cm            115cm
Man belts
Your measurement     90-100cm     100-110cm    110-120cm     120-130cm
Belt size                           95cm             105cm             115cm           125cm
If your product is damaged and the damage is not covered by the guarantee or your guarantee has expired, please contact your retailer or PRINCE Ltd, repair service – you would be advised and offered repair service for which you will have to pay. Please have in mind that the period of a repair, outside the guarantee, could take some time, depending on the availability of spare parts and materials; it is not always possible to provide the original spare materials (it is possible they differ in colour or style).
Contact us at:
Tel. +359 66 803489
Working days/hours – Monday to Friday, from 9:00 – 16:00

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